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Bio Phyto, an organic farming in Benin the 13/09/16
Bio Phyto, an organic farming


Bio phyto is a social enterprise based in Benin which was certified for its organic fertilizer and pesticide in June 2016. The business received the official label for its organic inputs via the « UAB » certification – Approved for use in Organic Agriculture – according to European requirements, a guarantee of quality and recognition.

The business will therefore be able to better respond to the needs of Beninois, West African and international clients. Bio Phyto has produced and sold a range of organic fertilizers and pesticides made from neem seeds and aromatic local plants since 2011. As a result of support from La Fabrique and the 2iE Institute, Bio Phyto, in 2015, initiated the process to be certified by ECOCERT, the certifying body.


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