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Community standards

In order to ensure the platform is used for the right purpose, here are some principles, users are invited to abide by :

[sph_options_charter_ image= »épendance.png » content= »Independence : Djouman is impartial, non-religious, non-political. »]

[sph_options_charter_ image= » » content= » Respect : Users are invited to interact in a respectful manner. They should not use offensive, inappropriate, insulting and threatining language. »]
[sph_options_charter_ image= » » content= »Privacy : Djouman is committed to protect personal information. We will not sell personal information or reuse them without permission. Users should respect other’s privacy too and not share inappropriate information about other people. »]
[sph_options_charter_ image= » » content= »Collaboration : Users can use the platform in a free manner to collaborate and exchange resources and information. »]
[sph_options_charter_ image= » » content= » Integrity : Ysers should submit content in good faith and should have ownership of any content they share on the platform. They should not violate or harm intellectual and industrial property rights. »]



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