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Innovation for sustainability in Africa

Why use Djouman

You are a company, entrepreneur, innovator or inventor, student, scholar


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For companies: 

Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas, solving challenges, looking for partnerships, Djouman is the unique place where your projects can grow out of collaboration. We help identify, develop and bring to market innovations you need to drive your growth in Africa.

> Access a pool of experts, talents and creativity ;

> Find solutions to your business problems ;

> Reduce substantially your risk of failure ;

> Gain in agility and flexibility ;

> Response to your CSR objectives : co-creation with stakeholders in Africa, take into account social and environmental issues.

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For entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors :

> Boost your business : gain credibility, visibility and develop business opportunities, find business partners, resources and skills ;

> Solve your problems : discuss with other entrepreneurs and solve the challenges they’re facing ;

> Stay tuned to innovation : get informed of what’s going on in other african regions/countries ; stay better connected with the development in the rest of the world

> Share best practices

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For students :

> Open to professional problems ;

> Fresh ideas;

> Create and develop your professional network ;

> Create opportunities ; Show your skills to attract recruiters;

> For diaspora students, you can stay connected with opportunities and realities in africa

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For scholars :

> Publicize your work and publications ;

> Get feedback from people working in the same field ;

> Get exposure to other work ;

> Create opportunities with partners

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